Monday, January 1, 2007

What It means


I fail to understand what does the new year mean, in simple terms it means nothing. What is the difference between December 31, and January 1!.There is obviously no difference whatsoever. Some people say that the new year supposed to bring with it new hope, new things. I say nonsense, it isn't going to bring anything different than what the previous year brought, or the upcoming year will bring, it is much of the same good old hog wash.
I enter 2007 with much more apprehension than when I entered 2006 & 2005 combined. I'm trying to look within myself for a title to characterize my feeling with it, but the deeper I look the more emptiness that I find. It is like an empty space that is leading into another empty space and so and so forth.I'm not sure what triggered this grim feeling, it isn't Saddam's execution, I can care less for his brand, it isn't the Palestinian problem, I grew numb to that long lasting problem, it isn't Lebanon because these people have been fighting since 1975. It isn't health or family issue because they both are in good shape, it isn't employment issue, I'm employed in a fairly stable & good paying job. So what is the source of all of this melancholy, I have no idea, if and when I have it figured out I'll let you know, meanwhile, tomorrow I go back to work to start the so called new year. What is so new about it I have no idea, it seems to me like just another day with new date that is about it.


Summer said...

Very true, all the days are alike! no difference but for the date we write on our checks! but usually new anything brings hope and some sort of new feeling to could be an illusion and it could be real at times..depending on how we look at it..happy new year to you and yours!

hamede said...

I agree.

Hatem Abunimeh said...

Thank you Summer and thank you hamede for visting my blog, I really appreciate it